Kathleen & Reuben

Reuben Bloom and Kathleen Brown have been referred to as “the power couple” more than once as friends and family commented on their dating life via Facebook. Their savoir faire* for building their dream life together was beautifully evident on their wedding day. Simple, elegant and intimate, they magically created a sacred space for themselves as they exchanged vows while making their beloved family and friends feel wonderfully included in their celebration.

*noun – the French admired Franklin’s wit and Jefferson’s savoir faire: social skill, social grace(s), urbanity, suavity, finesse, sophistication, poise, aplomb, adroitness, polish, style, smoothness, tact, tactfulness, diplomacy, discretion, delicacy, sensitivity; informal savvy.

“My husband and I are not usually ones to follow the rules. So when we began planning our wedding we knew our ceremony and reception wouldn’t feel right inside four walls. The wedding we envisioned needed space, it needed natural beauty, and a free spirit. When I saw the Venue Natural for the first time I knew; this must be the place. The estate is a sensory-celebration. The green grass, tall trees and talking water are the perfect blank canvas. When the big day came with flowers, candles and lights the Venue sparkled. We will always remember that beautiful night, with beautiful people in such a beautiful place.” – Kathleen and Reuben Bloom

Photography by Blue Bend Photography, founded by Nick Gillespie
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