What do you imagine, when you think of your wedding? Do you see your dog walking alongside as you approach the one you’ll marry? Opulent amounts of white, billowing tulle flowing from high in the trees? Candles twinkling through mason jars, set along a path you create through the woods? Wide open spaces or an intimate setting? Would the sound of flowing water be the perfect soundtrack or would you prefer a live band? Wanna feel like a kid again and string up a piñata for your very grown up birthday celebration? What about a hot air balloon whisking you away at the end? 

At the venue natural, you have the freedom to dream. And to choose. The natural beauty of the space can be your blank canvas from which you create the experience of a lifetime. You can plan your own event or work with your own planner. Vendors? Caterers? Photographers? All your choice.

Your event, as simple or elaborate as you would like to make it. Exclusively yours.

Your hosts… 


When I was growing up my father was a true-blue organic farmer.  He thought treating the soil, plants, and the food we ate with respect (no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides) and studying the habits of snakes, birds and the natural world was in accord with man’s place in Mother Nature.  I did not pay particular attention at the time though now realize that he infused a love of nature into my soul. 

When I acquired my own country property one of my goals was to create various quiet and serene places around the property that honored the natural habitat of that particular space. The venue natural now has several of these areas or vignettes, each with its own particular character, perfect for sitting and contemplating the world in that unique envelope of Nature.

Having created these spaces is one thing, sharing them with others brings me even greater joy – especially if the visitor embraces and appreciates the sense of solitude, wonder, peace, and serenity that these natural spaces provide.  -Kim Deacon


I work as Kim’s business manager at the chemical company he founded. At least, that’s part of my workday. I’m primarily a coach (life not sport). A photographer by hobby. A writer. And an artist. Put another way, I’m an out-of-the-box idea girl with a strong slant towards business. When mutual friends asked Kim if they could get married at his farm, I heard story after story about how everybody who visited and helped plan the event simply loved how they felt when they spent time there. Mostly, I heard words like peaceful, quiet, relaxed. Serene…  The reactions about the property were a clear indication that the farm was a special place that people would gravitate to for all kinds of occasions. Given how many times I had texted the boss about some business thing only to have him respond that he was working on a new landscaping project, it wasn’t long before I suggested that Kim turn the farm into an actual venue – the venue natural.

The idea hit home! After a lot of discussion, planning, scheming and idea implementing, I am so excited to see the venue natural become a reality. And I am thrilled to welcome you! -Ellen Stoune